Our Mission


Our Approach

We work closely with our clients in order to help them plan for their financial independence. Our primary focus is to enhance financial security through all stages of our clients’ lives, and ultimately enable our clients to achieve their goals and effectively use their resources.

We take a multi-generational or long-term view of our clients’ finances and how they may need them as their lives unfold. For example, a grandparent may wish to give a financial gift to a grandchild. An individual may have multiple loved ones or a special-needs relative, and, in some cases, multiple charities they wish to donate to upon their passing. A business that wishes to continue will need to have a succession plan in place that may involve multiple parties or partners. Our strategy requires understanding your financial DNA and its applications to your financial future.

The Importance of Independence

To better serve our clients, Kash Financial Services made a strategic decision to affiliate with Commonwealth Financial Network®, an independent broker/dealer with offices in Boston and San Diego. Cameron led the research and oversaw the complete transition from one investment platform to another, in order to offer clients the best possible results and experience.